China’s Christmas City bit me

The leaving of America means you leave a lot of things behind; you wonder during the holidays if it is necessary to burden yourself again with all the trimmings of the seasons.  Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Easter, Valentine Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Fourth of July, the list is never-ending along with the supplies deemed necessary to have a “great day.”  I have managed to stop and think on a lot of them, due to our new country not having these holidays, but for Christmas, Ecuador is all in.  The stores don’t have Halloween here, so right after school starts Christmas sets in,, with expensive lights and glitter ornaments all made in the city in China that is called the Christmas City.  It is like a China Christmas bomb went off in all the stores.. not to mention the side-walk vendors.

I have some remorse that I didn’t just use some artsy fartsy natural branches that we have plenty of to celebrate the season.  Instead on a weak moment in Tia for $4.95 I purchased a Chinese “Christmas City” Tree and it came with a string of lights and one package of balls.  I was not happy with just one string of lights so I purchased 4 more along with 3 more packages of balls and a bright red glitter spray of holly leaves that I could separate and use for more shine.

I have never been more sad in my life.. the tree looked pathetic.  The lights on the top of the tree were weaker than the lower branches, (it got covered in dust so quickly because we do live in the dust bowl of Quito), the thought of taking it down now that the holiday is over is as bad as if I had the 20 foot tree that we had in Denver.  Not because it was a lame attempt, I had good intentions, but I fell for the glitter, I didn’t hold true to my very nature of reuse, recycle.  I thought I left the junk behind in America, but I fell for it again here. My new year resolution is to be more cognizant of my true self, to think more before I act.  The quick way is not always the right way.

I think I punished myself enough though, I had to look at the tree all holiday season.   I will donate it next year, this is my way of feeling better, although I doubt that it will totally cleanse my guilt.

Next year I will take the time to use what I have to make a tree that will be burned on New Year’s eve in the effigy fires, besides I will be moving again so it will be easy to not buy anything I don’t want to move.

I really thought I left all that behind, but shiny glitter habits are very hard to replace.  Not to mention a place to store it until I can re-home it so I don’t have to be reminded of it every time I see it!  Well, wish me luck on my holiday impulse addictions, one thing that I definitely thought I left behind.


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